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Customer Testimonials

I have been referring my patients to Harris Orthotics almost since their first day of business in Nanaimo. My patients, without exception, have been pleased with the quality and speed of service provided to them in assisting them with a wide variety of clinical problems requiring specialized orthotic appliances.

--M.C Petreman, M.D. Wellington Medical Clinic
Harris Orthotics have been providing Orthotic appliances to Dr. Stacey Scott and Dr. Terrance Dyck for well over 6 years...We have over thirty-five years combined experience in Chiropractic and using orthotic appliances and after working with various companies we can honestly say we have had the best service, best results and best patient satisfaction by far using Harris Orthotics.
--Dr. Terrance P. Dyck - Dr. Stacey L. Scott - Woodgrove Pines Clinic

You guys are the best! Thanks for your help.


Thanks for...the work on my feet. It has made a difference.

--Grant & Joyce

Thank you so much for the speedy delivery of my inserts. They help so much! Thank you.


"Still can’t believe we arrived on the Island and only hours later Harry had both shoes in tact!! That was so nice of you to work us into your busy schedule! ...We are most grateful. So from the bottom of our hearts - thank you once again for your kindness."

--Harry & Shirley
I have had the occasion to send a reasonable number of my patients to Harris Orthotics with prescriptions for orthoses and have...been well pleased with the products themselves, and with the patients’ assessments of the services they have received. I intend to continue sending my patients to Harris Orthotics...
--Peter Gutmanis, M.D., F.R.C.S. ( C )
I have worn orthotics since 1980 and when I was in need of new ones I was fortunate enough to find Harris Orthotics. On July 3, 2007 I had my first appointment. Before seeing Stacey, if I was going up stairs I would have to put both feet on each step and pull myself up. I took his advice on breaking in the new ones, and wearing the proper shoes and within a week, I was able to help a friend with a catering, and carrying a tray in each hand took 3 flights of stairs like a teenager. I came back on Sept 8th, 2008 for my first adjustment and know I will continue to have good feet. Thanks Stacy!
--Yvonne Lien

I have suffered from osteoarthritis for many years. About 6 years ago I was referred by my chiropractor to Harris Orthotics to be fitted with custom orthotics in an effort to improve my posture and hopefully relieve pain in my spine. Harris Orthotics provided me with new orthotics and immediately I was able to once again enjoy walking greater distances with less pain.
Thank you Stacey and Harris Orthotics
David Ascher