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Harris Orthotics supplies custom shoe inserts that help fix irregularities in the foot, align posture, and relieve pain in the feet, legs, back, and even neck. 

We perform functions that make standing, walking and running more agreeable and effective by correcting the alignment of the body. Orthotics are made from (but not limited to) surgical nylon, thermo moldable corks, shock absorbent materials, EVA, leather, and carbon fiber. There are many types of orthotics available and ways of making an orthosis. Our main concern though is that we get results.


"I have worn orthotics since 1980 and when I was in need of new ones I was fortunate enough to find Harris Orthotics. On July 3, 2007 I had my first appointment. Before seeing Stacey, if I was going up stairs I would have to put both feet on each step and pull myself up. I took his advice on breaking in the new ones, and wearing the proper shoes and within a week, I was able to help a friend with a catering, and carrying a tray in each hand took 3 flights of stairs like a teenager. I came back on Sept 8th, 2008 for my first adjustment and know I will continue to have good feet. Thanks Stacy!" --Yvonne Lien

"I have suffered from osteoarthritis for many years. About 6 years ago I was referred by my chiropractor to Harris Orthotics to be fitted with custom orthotics in an effort to improve my posture and hopefully relieve pain in my spine. Harris Orthotics provided me with new orthotics and immediately I was able to once again enjoy walking greater distances with less pain. Thank you Stacey and Harris Orthotics" sincerely David Ascher

"I started going to see Harris Orthotics after a serious foot injury. Stacey Harris has helped me 'get back on my feet' in style. He is amazingly patient with all the challenges my injury presented. He was even able to make me a 'not so ugly' pair of sandals for walking on the beach. Thank you for keeping an assortment of 'foot wear' options open to me. Much appreciated! " -- Jennifer Gould

"Took advantage of his free consultation expecting to buy a new set of orthotics. After he looked at my old orthotics which i got made in Alberta,said they look alright and suggested I buy a pair of Hoka rocker shoes. He made a phone call to front runners and got several pairs lined up for me. Been around 3 weeks now with the Hoka shoes, I definitely see an improvement over a long hike/walk. Thank you!" -- Derek Aikman 

Harris Orthotics is a local family owned business located in Nanaimo, serving Vancouver Island since 1995.

We are a provider for: Extended Medical, ICBC claims, WCB, DVA, Social Services, NIBH, & Pharmicare.

All assessments are done on an appointment basis.

Please call our toll free number for your complimentary professional consultation 1-800-590-2406 or local number at 250-754-2406.

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