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Stacey Harris

Pedorthitst C PED (C)

Amber Fehr


Jesse Willi​ams

Pedorthists: Medical professionals educated in the design, fit, manufacture, and modification of footwear and foot orthosis (orthotics).

Canadian Certified Pedorthist C Ped (C) requires a degree in the Health Sciences Field, completion of an intense course in pedorthics offered through the University of Western Ontario, and an internship in a clinical laboratory and footwear setting. There is training in lower limb biomechanics, gait analysis, manufacturing and fitting of foot appliances, as well as fitting and modification of footwear. All must occur in order to be eligible to write the certification exams. All Certified Pedorthists in Canada are members of the Pedorthic Association of Canada and the College of Pedorthics of Canada. It is very reassuring for the physician, as well as the patient, to know that the person doing their biomechanical assessment is also the person responsible for fabricating, fitting and fine-tuning of the device prior to dispensing it

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